Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bill Rodgers ビル・ロジャーズ

"What a great presentation, one I was honored to be a part of!  We presented Dr. King's patient, Mark, with Bill's medal from the inaugural BAA 10K as well as a medal sent in by a donor, a 1985 Boston Marathon medal, at which the donor finished 28th place."  Mike Robertson, M4M Boston coordinator.


今日は、キング先生の患者さんのマークさんにビル・ロジャーズさんのBAA 10K(第一回大会)のメダルが贈られました。同時に、ビル・ロジャーズさんの1985年のボストンマラソンメダル(28位だったそうです)も贈られました。

Left to right: Dr King, Bill Rodgers (M4M shirt) and Mike Robertson presenting medals today at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr King treated many of the injured patients after the bombing last year and has previously awarded his patients M4M Medals. Bill Rodgers has donated many of his medals to M4M over the years and continues his volunteer efforts with presentations such as this.


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