Friday, February 15, 2013

人のメダルをなんで誰かにあげるの? "What is the point of giving my 'old race medals' to someone?






<From today (2/15)'s M4M facebook posting>

If you are wondering, "What is the point of giving my 'old race medals' to someone? What would that do?"

Please know that the children and adults who receive these medals are often deeply touched and overwhelmed with emotion when they receive medals from our organization. They feel acknowledged. They feel honored. To them, these are not just 'some old medals'. They and their families have expressed great appreciation for the simply yet kind gesture of support behind our donations.

One of the great things about supporting Medals 4 Mettle is that you can support so many other charities of your choosing at the same time. Donate your medals and help share our message whilst you continue to raise funds for your personal causes.

Thank you all so much for your support.